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“The music, which can be described as extremely diverse, highly progressive and adventurous classical chamber music, is disarmingly beautiful… Cawood shines on this recording, which is a gorgeous showcase of his brilliant musical mind and dedication to his craft.”
– Thomas Hatton, Proglodytes.

“A wonderfully composed and orchestrated mix of quiet psychedelia and classical music. The Divine Abstract deserves to be heard by the widest possible audience.”
Martin Burns, DPRP

“Precise, expansive arrangements and brilliant musicianship… an album that can further help progressive music gain back full respectability.”
– Ljubinko Zivkovic, Echoes and Dust.

“This is stop and expand your senses music… It was a wonderful listen, a sonic journey.”
– Susan Maksimuk, Progressive Music Planet.

“Clever, sophisticated music that opens doors both spiritually and emotionally.”
– Emma Roebuck, Progradar

“Sublime, by any definition of the word.”
– Phil Lively, The Progressive Aspect.

“This is incredible, majestic, visionary and essential. Nothing less.”
– Kev Rowland

Reviews for The Divine Abstract.